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Counting down to a new website January 6!  This is the first step in bringing more tools to our volunteers. Over the next several months, we will be working on additional features to bring to the site. 

Registration is now open for the annual volunteer conference!  Join us on January 24 for learning, laughter, and a day of making new friends. Sign up online by January 11!

All GSEOK facilities will be CLOSED on January 1, 2015. Happy New Year!

 Feel free to take a look around our website and create a profile by clicking Sign In at the top of the page. When you create a site profile, you will be able to join informational groups and access related resources, including Girl Scout Cookie resources and council forms and tools.  Please Note: When registering to become a Girl Scout or to participate in any Girl Scout programs, a second user name and password will be required to access a separate area that is connected to national membership information.  This website is separate and has separate login information to access our council resources. Consider using the same information at both sites to make navigation easier.